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Join The Net Zero Footprints 2024 2nd Edition Conference in Hamburg, Germany.
Conference Venue: Convention Centre Hamburg, Germany
B2B Meetings Event Venue: Atlantic Hotel, Hamburg Germany
This event is brought to you in collaboration with the Hamburg Convention Bureau & various partners.

DATES: 11, 12, 13, 14 April 2024

11 April 2024

Conference Day 1 with 4 panel discussions at Convention Centre Hamburg

12 April 2024

Conference Day 2 with 4 panel discussions at Convention Centre Hamburg

13 April 2024

B2B Meetings Event with 100+ Companies and 300 VIP Delegates at Atlantic Hotel, Hamburg with Gala Dinner

14 April 2024

Visit The Green City Hamburg with dedicated Tourist Guides and enjoy numerous activities in Hamburg

The Green City of Germany - Hamburg

Net Zero Footprints 2024 2nd Edition Conference - Hamburg, Germany

Net Zero Footprints Team is bringing the 2nd Edition of Net Zero Footprints Conference to the Green City of Hamburg, Germany in April 2024 with the collaboration of Hamburg Convention Bureau. Stay tuned for registration

To learn and discover more about Hamburg the Green City of Germany, Click on the link:

The 2024 Conference

Hamburg is a city with plenty of environmental projects having almost 100 years design concept of Green Network Hamburg. It is an example to sustainability as a green City in Germany and the ideal location for the Next Zero Footprint Conference 2nd Edition. 

It is also the right location to bring companies from Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia for brainstorming together, discuss, share and find possible solutions to solve the underlying concern of the future generation facing scarce natural resources and polluted environments.

Speakers ranging from startups to multinational companies with big brands to showcase Net Zero strategies and practices will be onboard the 2024 edition.

The format of the conference will be of private and public mix with participants from diverse countries and culture. The conference is a unique platform for everybody to engage in reducing waste, conserving energy, and minimizing our carbon footprint, that will result in an inspirational impact on the environment, while still creating memorable and worth attending events. 

Conference Venues

Convention Centre Hamburg - 2 days conference

Hotel Atlantic Hamburg - B2B Meetings

The Agenda 2024

Economic Sectors in discussions

  • Automotive Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Green Financing/ Banking Industry
  • MICE Venues / Hospitality Industry
  • Technology Industry (MICE Solutions)
  • Sustainability Cities
  • Entrepreneurs/ SMEs

The Panel Discussions Summaries

Each panel discussion is related to a particular economic sector. Below is a summary of each panel discussions according to each industry in focus with Net Zero Strategies as the main core theme to The Net Zero Footprints 2024 2nd Edition Conference. 

Banking/Green Finance Industry

The EU (2023) aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 – an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This objective is at the heart of the European Green Deal and in line with the EU's commitment to global climate action under the Paris Agreement. The topics on agenda are about green financing for different sectors of the economy including SMEs. Can Africa learn from the EU Green Deal and benefit from it?

Automobile Industry

According to Reuters (2023), the EU law will require all new cars sold to have zero CO2 emissions from 2035, and 55% lower CO2 emissions from 2030, versus 2021 levels. The automobile industry requires more strategies to reduce its carbon footprints with sustainable electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles or hydrogen vehicles than using fossil fuels. This platform will debate on such topics with strategies to reduce CO2 emissions to meet the targets. Do African Countries falls behind due to lack of technological resources?

Manufacturing Industry

According to Deloitte (2023), The net zero transition is the transformational shift in the global economy needed to ensure atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are no greater than the amount of emissions removed. Multiple new regulatory proposals are making rapid progress in the EU as it seeks to lead the way on addressing climate change and stimulating the social and economic benefits that can come from doing so. Implementation of these new EU regulations will drive forward the net zero transition in Europe and play an important role in determining the shape of the new sustainable economy. The manufacturing sector contributes to 70% of CO2 emissions worldwide, can manufacturers adopt a more lean sustainable manufacturing process from raw materials to end user through all its supply chains?

Logistics Sector

According to ISO (2030), To meet the world's net-zero targets, transport needs to reduce its emissions by around 20 %, to less than 6 Gt by 2030, in anticipation of the projected growth in demand for global trade. The transport and logistic sector must slash its CO2 emissions across all its supply chain to make it more sustainable. Can net zero strategies be achieved in shipping, aviation and on road transportation? What are the current strategies adopted by MNCs, airlines, distribution companies among others? Do strategies differ from continent to continent?

MICE Industry

Events are an important part of industry collaboration, but they come with a significant CO2 emissions footprint. Greening of events require a lot of coherence strategies, cooperation with actors of the industry with a focus of greening their processes. Hotels have made their way to sustainability more felt after the pandemic. Incentive travels are more on focused on green tourism. Meetings are more focused on having green suppliers and venue. Greening of event congress are to be made through the event supply chain. Can we green MICE industry with more vivid strategies to make it net zero compliant?

Technology in MICE Industry

Technology has transformed the MICE Industry since the pandemic. Events are on hybrid modes. Platforms have been created online to keep the industry in performing. Mobile Apps have also been developed and adapted to make the MICE events more sustainable. Do technologies in MICE have a CO2 emissions? What are the strategies underlying in this industry to make net zero strategies more focused to render the MICE Industry  to reducing its CO2 emissions?

Sustainable Cities

Urbanization is a predominant subject in making cities sustainable. The use of the concept of smart cities in African continent has been more prevalent by several governments in the last 10 years. In some cases, rural planning has also evolved and there is no such distinction with cities and villages. The transformation has embodied both to make a country smart in development. Has Sustainable Cities found its way to truly reducing CO2 emissions across continents? Do the action plans of councils or municipalities have a more coherent approach by adopting sustainable cities frameworks to making cities more sustainable and with reduced CO2 Emissions?

SMEs/Green Entrepreneurs

We have seen the growth of SMEs or Green Entrepreneurs in 10 folds over the last few years. Are there enough strategies to incorporate Green Entrepreneurs for a greener economy? Do SMEs contribute to higher CO2 emissions than MNCs or other companies? How sustainable are SMEs or Green Entrepreneurs? Do we have the necessary frameworks for SMEs to be as green and sustainable as any other companies? Do SMEs have access to green financing under governmental schemes to help them greening their business efficiently and be more compliant in helping to reduce CO2 emissions?

The Event Outline

11th & 12th April 2024

Conference Day 1 and Day 2 with 8 discussion panels

13th April 2024

The B2B Meetings Event with Gala Dinner at Atlantic Hotel Hamburg

14th April 2024

Visiting Hamburg, The Green City of Germany with various activities on agenda.

Register Now. Limited Seats Available for Speakers, Delegates & Sponsors.

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