There is no planet B!

What We Do as The Net Zero Footprints Team?

Events Worldwide

Bridging the gap between industry and climate through:

1. Conferences

2. Exhibitions

3. Innovative products or services launches

4. Arts for Climate Actions

and more...

Upcoming Events 2024-2025 Highlights

The Net Zero Footprints Team is striving to bring in more sustainability events to the world on various sustainability topics and to mitigate against climate change, sustainable future of SDGs, sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism, culture & heritage, reducing your carbon footprints as individuals, enterprises, public private stakeholders among others to be visionary people for a sustainable future and for the future of our children and the Planet Earth since we have no Planet B!



Africa is the 'cradle of humankind'. Fossils found in Africa, show that human beings and their closest relatives the gorilla and chimpanzees were born and evolved in Africa. Africa is the 2nd most populated continent in the world. There are 1.3 billion people in Africa, 17% of the world population. (TheDiasporaCollective;2024)

Mauritius, Reunion Island, Seychelles, Maldives

Indian Ocean Islands

The Indian Ocean is the third-largest body of water in the world and nestled in its warm waters are a number of spectacular tropical island destinations. Each is unique, some with a distinct fusion of foreign and local influence, while others are decidedly African. All, however, are home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet (RhinoAfrica;2024)



Europe has a long history of human development and is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization. Today, this cultural wealth is used to solidify the European Community and is exported to the rest of the world as one of the continent’s greatest global assets. Physical features, weather-related phenomena, and local resources had a deep impact on how historic European cultures prospered, interacted, and believed their world worked. (NationalGeographySociety;1996-2024)

The World

Rest of The World

Earth is the only planet known to support life. Earth, our home, is the third planet from the sun. While scientists continue to hunt for clues of life beyond Earth, our home planet remains the only place in the universe where we've ever identified living organisms. (;2023)

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